Trilby Church Current Practices

  1. Face Coverings—As of May 14, 2021 face coverings are no longer required to enter the building for those persons who are FULLY VACINIATED. It is totally at the discreation of everyone.
  2. Social Distancing—groups are permitted to meet without restrictions if those meeting have been fully vaccinated.
  3. Feeling sick—If you are not feeling well or you have been running a fever please stay home.
  4. Exposed to Covid—if you have been exposed first hand to Covid and are fully vaccinated there is no need to quarantine or report to the church office that you have been exposed. If you have not been fully vaccinated and have first hand exposure it is necessary to quarantine for TEN days, and it is also necessary to report it to the church office.
  5. Fellowship Hour—Fellowship Hour after Sunday Worship has restarted in the Fellowship Hall. Those who are hosting are requested to serve.
  6. These practices are for all persons and groups of the church and extension of the church. They are to be followed respectfully and will not be adjusted by any group or individual.

    Updated on 5-15-2021

Call: 419-472-2103 or Email:

Also, if you would like to get on our email list just send as an email to with Add Me to Email List as the subject.

NOTE: We are not renting the church out at this time. Once the Lucas County Covid-19 Risk Level has dropped to a Yellow then we will begin to do it again. For more info on the Lucas County Covid-19 risk level visit this link:

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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